Relationship Coaching

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Relationship Coaching helps you get the best out of your relationships

Learn All you Need to Know and Do to Make Your Relationships Great

Relationship coaching will teach you all you need to know to find, start and grow a fantastic relationship. Relationship coaching is about finding out where your at and providing you with the knowledge and the strategies that will enable you to create lasting, happy, secure and fulfilling relationships. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world of relationships. If you’re not in one and you want to be if you’re in one and you want to make it better or if your in a relationship and you want to decide if you should leave relationship coaching can help.

 “Avoid the mistakes and learn to do what works through relationship coaching”

The main reasons why relationships fail are because people don’t choose wisely and they don’t know how to communicate well or they are poor at resolving their differences or they have faulty expectations and intentions. What’s sad is there are solutions to all of these problems and if people learned those solutions many more relationships would stay together and grow to become what the people in them want them to be.

But there’s more to it than just staying together. Almost all of us want to be in a great relationship. What’s exciting is you can be if you know how to find the right person and relate well. What’s more almost as much as eating sleeping and breathing most of us will spend a great chunk of our days relating. So it makes sense to learn all you can so one of the biggest parts of your life can be as good as it possibly can be. So you can enjoy the kind of partnerships you have always wanted. So you can learn how to know the difference between the keepers and the losers. So your relationship is full of fun, support, love, care, excitement, happiness and security.

Probably though the most important reason is so you can live a happy secure and fulfilling life by having a happy secure and fulfilling relationship

Private Coaching or Group Classes Available

You can choose between one to one or two to one coaching or group classes.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is for individuals or couples who want to work with an expert in relationships on particular areas such as communications or intimacy, or to stop fighting and solve any problems they may have. In private coaching you will have the opportunity to learn the skills to enhance your relationships and make them all they can be. Often people who are not in a relationship come in to find out how to attract the right person and then create a lasting secure relationship, while others simply want to learn how to improve communications, and connectedness.  If you want to know more simply email me by following this link Enquire Now

Group Classes

Group classes are for groups of 6-8 people who all want to learn as much as they can about how to attract, secure and grow a relationship. Another difference is the fees.  Group sessions are 50% less than private sessions.  If you want to know more simply email me by following this link Enquire Now.  Group Classes are broken down into three subjects.  How to find the right person for you.  How to make your existing relationship as good as it can possibly be and how to know if you should leave, when to leave and how to leave.

Relationship Coaching Will Help?

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Relationship coaching can help you find the right person, make an existing relationship great.

Anyone who wants to avoid the traps and who wants to make their relationships as good as they possibly can be will benefit from relationship coaching. If your relationship isn’t as good as it could then learn what you need to know and do to make it work. There are three main areas we cover in our relationship coaching programs. If you fall into one of the following three categories relationship coaching will certainly be able to help you.

1. People who want to find the right person so they can start a relationship.
2. People who want to make their existing relationship better.
3. People who are not sure if they should stay or leave.

How to Find the Right Person

You might be someone who is not already in a relationship and you want to find the right person for you. Relationship Coaching can help you know yourself so you can know who best suits you. What’s more you’ll learn how to identify the problem people who are simply going to waste your time or worse who are simply going manipulate, control and harm you.

How to Make Your Existing Relationship Even Better

You might be just starting out in a new relationship or your relationship is well established and you want to make it as good as it could be. Relationship coaching will teach you what a relationship actually is and how they work so you can make them work best. What’s more you’ll learn how to get out of negative patterns or relating and move into positive patterns of relating that will see you both happy. You’ll learn how to communicate openly and easily so you connection flows. You’ll learn how to work through your differences easily and enjoyably. You’ll learn how to get on great as you work together to create your relationship in the best possible way. You’ll also learn how to increase the sense of care, support, as you finally go on to learn how to create a really positive, supportive, fulfilling and happy relationship.

How to Know if You Should Stay or Leave

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Your coach can help you figure out if you should leave, when to leave and how

Not all relationships are worth saving nor should be saved. However sometimes we can be unsure. Speaking to a relationship coach will help clear up the confusion by answering all your questions you have so you can make a choice. What’s more if you decide to stay or leave a relationship coach can make the transition smooth for you, provide you with answers to all your questions and help you get your life back on track.

Come in Alone or With Your Partner Or Join a Group Class

Either is fine. What’s important however is that you are ready to learn. If you can commit to learning then the coaching process will work for you. Sometimes it’s hard to get both people to come along. If this is the case the seeing you individually will still help. Having at least one person in a relationship equipped with the right information and strategies is always going to be better then none. Some times you both may come in and at other times only one of you. What works for you is all that matters.

How it works?

Call to book an appointment and your initial session you will be asked some questions and then your coach will explain to you what you need to learn, what strategies you need to gain and what you need to stop doing so you can get back to enjoying relating. Once you’ve decided how you want to proceed we will take you step by step through the process as you learn what works from what doesn’t.

Friendly operatorCall or Email us if Have Any Questions

If you think you might benefit from relationship coaching, you could call or email us and we will happily answer any of your questions. If you’re ready to go and you would like to make an appointment to start getting your relationship on track then call us on 9420 0788 or book online by clicking the booking tab on the top menu bar and following the prompts.

We have three offices Across Sydney

We have offices in Macquarie Street in Sydney’s CBD, North Sydney on the lower North Shore and Glebe in the Inner West

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Sydney City

Suite 704 BMA House 135-137 Macquarie St.
BMA House or The British Medical Association House is situated in Macquarie Street Sydney opposite the Macquarie Street entrance to Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

There are several parking stations nearby and metered street parking in Macquarie Street, though this is often hard to find. Wilson secure parking is nearby next door under Hudson House.
Or great value parking can found in Quick park spaces in the Sydney Opera House only 10 minutes walk at the bottom of Macquarie Street.

The nearest buses are in York Street on the other side of the City.

The nearest station is Wynyard although St James is also nearby.


152 Glebe Point Road.
The Glebe office is situatedin a Victorian Terrace on Glebe Point Road. Look for a plaque with the number 152 on a cream brick fence with a red brown timber gate.

There is 2 hour metered parking in the street immediately in front of the office. There is also 4hour un-metered parking in Lombard Street only 3min walk from the office.

Buses run along Glebe point road with various bus stops only a minute or two from the office.

The nearest train stop is Central and this is approximately 20 minutes walk from the office.

North Sydney

104 / 56 Berry St, North Sydney
There is metered parking in streets surrounding however the best option would be to use one of the secure parking stations in Miller St.

The nearest station is North Sydney which is approximately
10 minutes walk from the clinic. Head up through Greenwood Plaza and then right on Miller St and your are only a few minutes away.