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Performance Anxiety

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If you get very nervous before a meeting or before you have to present you have performance anxiety. Treatment is available and can create fast, and reliable results.  Performance anxiety can be treated effectively with up to date treatment programs.  Do suffer on.  Help is available.

What is performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety is essentially a strong fear response that stops you performing at your best.  It can be extremely debiliating.  It is typically triggered when we have to perform a task in which we perceive we will be evaluated by others.  Sometimes performance anxiety is the result of our own negative evaluations of our perfromance.  In either case, whether it is because we are being scrutinized or we are being too hard on ourselves performance anxiety can stop us performing at our best and in some cases it can stop us performing at all.

The symptoms of performance anxiety are being unable to concentrate, worry about you performance, sweating, tightness in the mouth and throat.  Performance anxiety can in very bad episodes can cause shaking, rapid breathing, nausea and even vomitting.  But don’t worry it can be treated effectively.

What causes it?

There are many causes of Performance anxiety ranging from critical parenting, through to social expectations.  In any case the result is a heightened reaction to normal situations when ever we perceive that we are being evaluated.

How do you treat it?

Treatment begins with an understanding of what it is and what is happenning to you when you have an episode, what triggers it and what goes through your mind when it kicks in.  Then we look at using a range of modern psychological strategies to eliminate it.  These strategies psychological education, mapping out the cycle, re-education of our perceptions, and retraining of our physical responses.  These strategies work and they are effective.

What are the results?

Results using this type of approach to performance anxiety are excellent.  Most sufferers will get very quick results with lasting outcomes.

What do I do next?

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