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Fear of flying treatment Sydney

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The fear of flying program we run is highly effective.  Many people struggle with this common anxiety even though effective treatment is available.  If you struggle with air travel because you get anxious, break out in sweats, or sick at the thought of flying you can get help.

What causes the fear of Flying

There are many causes for the fear of flying.  It is easiest to understand it as a powerful response in your body that creates a state of high anxiety.  You may be someone who learned to fear flying by one bad experience or you may be someone who fears the thought of flying the cause isn’t all that important when it comes to eliminating this problem.  What has to happen is you have to have treatment that stops the powerful feelings of fear that you get when you get triggered.

Can it be treated effectively

Yes fear of flying is common and can be treated effectively.

What can I expect from the treatment program

First you need to come in to be assessed.  The a plan for effectively eliminating this anxiety will be outlined.  If your concerns are not large then treatment can usually begin immediately.  Treatment consists of attention shifting, cognitive behaviour treatments as well as psychological education.  Packaged together these three strategies form a highly effective treatment program for this type of anxiety.  What do I do next


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