Drug & Alcohol Counselling & Controlled Drinking

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Don't Wait For the Train wreck

young man drinking and feeling despairIt's not just about the benefits.  It's also about what happens if you don't take control.  You guessed it.  At the very best nothing changes and you stay stuck until such times as you meet the challenge.  Or Worse your life, relationships, health and career continue to spiral down out of control.    What is the cost to you of that.  It this what you would want?  The programs we run will gradually see you letting go your attachments to your problem and forming new attachments to a happy and fulfilling life.  Most of our clients say they actually enjoy the process of getting their life back on track.



Control Harmful Drinking

If you are struggling with harmful drinking Clear Day Consulting provides a controlled drinking program that will enable you to break free of this very common problem and get back in charge. You will be able to enjoy controlled drinking, because you won't be ruining your relationships, your health, your career or your life.

Eliminate Drug Addiction

Drug addiction often goes hand in hand with harmful drinking.  If you or someone you know is struggling with the harmful effects of Drug addiction Clear Day Consulting provides effective programs that will see you eliminate your addiction get your life back on track and break free of the troubles addiction causes.

Get Your life Back On Track

Worried woman sitting and looking at her therapist during a sessionWhether you want to control problem drinking or eliminate drug addiction or both you will be able to get un-stuck from the problems these two issues cause and get back in charge of your life so you can live to the max. You will feel far better in your own body, you'll feel healthier and happier inside your own skin.  Your relationships will improve, you confidence will rise, you energy and enthusiasm for life will grow.  Your brain will work better, faster, clearer.  Your emotions will stabilise and start heading in the positive direction. The list goes on.  The reasons for overcoming these two very common problems are endless.   At the very least you will eliminate all the hassles and complications that using drugs and abusing alcohol bring.




Drug and alcohol counselling will help you when you want to get your life back on track

If you believe that you or someone you know would benefit from receiving drug and or alcohol counselling then call 91863306 for an appointment and you can get started immediately.  Or click the link "Make an Inquiry" at the bottom right hand side of this page and send us an email asking any question you may have.


How Does It Work?

Values centered drug and alcohol counselling. It's simple and it works

This program is for people with mild to moderate drug and alcohol abuse.  It focuses on shifting your values from someone who can't seem to live without drugs or alcohol to someone who controls their consumption in the case of alcohol and eliminates usage in the case of illegal drugs.  With this program you regain your sense of balance, your enthusiasm for other things until your will power begins to assert itself again, enabling you to enjoy life without drug and alcohol abuse.


 Who would benefit from drug and alcohol counselling?

Anyone who suffers with mild to moderate drug and alcohol abuse.  This program is not suitable for people with severe drug and alcohol abuse.  If you believe that you are over indulging or if your life is being negatively impacted by drugs or alcohol abuse then this program will help.

Come in For an Initial Consultation or Call for a Free Short Consult

Come in for an initial consultation with our principal coach and therapist Jim O'Connor.  At that interview Jim will be able to determine whether or not this program is for you.  If it is not suitable for you he will then refer you to someone who can help.  If he believes this program can help you he will outline the plan and then get you started straight away.  You will need to meet weekly at first until you begin to get control then less frequently as your situation becomes more stable.

Call Now & Book a Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation

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In that call we will listen to your situation identify what's stopping you from being in control and what to do about it

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Suite 704 BMA House 135-137 Macquarie St.
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