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Clear Day Consulting

Why Us

Our counselling and coaching services are personalised and based on scientific research

Because we believe a personalised approach is critically important our counselling coaching services focus on you, your needs and how you learn, work and change best. You can trust our services as they are based on up to date research and therefore have proven effectiveness.

Our Counsellors and Coaches are of the highest standards

All our recommended Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists are highly educated, highly skilled, highly experienced, professional and genuinely caring people.

We will provide you with

Empathy and positive regard

In order to best help you our service emphasises the importance of empathy and rapport. No one wants to discuss their concerns with an un-interested stranger. We will listen without judgement and criticism. Our understanding of your concerns is guaranteed. We believe that it is important that you like and trust your counsellor.


The first goal of good counselling and coaching is our understanding your situation. Your counsellor will listen, clarify and elaborate your situation with the intention of completely understanding it. Understanding is vital to creating effective counselling solutions. It also will save you time and money.

The Very Best in Counselling & Coaching Services in Sydney

Clear Day Consulting, Sydney

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We focus on eliminating causes not symptoms

By focussing on causes and not symptoms we are able to create more effective counselling solutions. We can assure you that because we focus on clarifying the causes of your situation we are able to create solutions that will have lasting effect.

We aim to provide you with information as much as counselling One of the simplest and most important parts of counselling is to provide you with information about your problems or concerns. In doing this you will feel more empowered to help yourself throughout the counselling process.

We want you to get the results you want

All of our procedures and therapies are strongly based in scientific research. Consequently you can be sure that the treatment plans we provide you will work.

What ever your particular situation or concern the strategies we use at Clear Day are drawn from the best strategies available.

Every day we help individuals and couples overcome these problems and concerns.

You can use counselling or coaching to help build:

  • Build self confidence and self esteem
  • Clarify issues and identify solutions
  • Identify and resolve relationship issues
  • Improve work performance
  • Improved interpersonal communications
  • Learn how to resolve your conflicts effectively
  • Lose weight
  • Manage grief and loss
  • Overcome depression, stress and anxiety
what to do next

What to do next

If you believe you or someone you know would benefit from individual counselling please call for an appointment. Or if you would like to ask questions call for a free 20 min phone consultation to discuss how we can help. Or simply follow the link to Make an Inquiry to ask us any question you may have.

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We have three convenient offices

Clear Day Consulting has three offices throughout Sydney. We have offices in Macquarie Street Sydney, North Sydney and Glebe


Suite 704 BMA House 135-137 Macquarie St Sydney

Ph: 02 9420 0788


152 Glebe Point Road Glebe

Ph: 02 9420 0788

North Sydney

Suite 828 / 100 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 02 9420 0788