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What is Social Anxiety?

What are the symptoms of Social Anxiety?

How is Social Anxiety Treated?

Think of the treatment of social anxiety as a learning process.  You will first be taught what it is and how it operates.  You will also be taught how to stop it altogether.  Then all that is left to you is to practice what you’ve learned.

First of all you need to be properly assessed.  This will take place at your first appointment.  Once we have an idea of how severe your situation is the right person will be assigned to you.  If we don’t believe that we can help you will be referred to someone who can.

At the initial consultation a plan will be outlined and then if time permits it will be begun.  At each session you will be given the opportunity to discuss the situations that cause anxiety.  During each, a strategy will be formulated for dealing with that situation and you will be given homework to practice your new strategies throughout the week.

Who needs treatment for Social Anxiety?

If you struggle in social settings or in meetings at work you are probably struggling with social anxiety.  If you want to feel comfortable in these situation and even thrive and enjoy social experiences then you need help.  If you want to make the most important social experiences of life easy then we can help.


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