Counselling Relationships

Counselling Relationships….

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The relationship counselling services provided to you by Clear Day Consulting are comprehensive and cover all of the major relationship concerns. See the list below for our comprehensive range of relationship counselling services.

We provide effective help for individuals, couples, married people or people living in defacto relationships with all types of relationship needs or concerns.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to enter a relationship or an individual with concerns about your existing relationship we can help. If you’re a dating couple or a married or defacto couple we can help. If you’re an individual who has recently lost a loved one and needs support we can help. Whatever your relationship needs or concerns relationship counselling can help.

We provide relationship counselling, relationship coaching and relationship psychotherapy

General relationship counselling is for individuals or couples with uncomplicated counselling needs. Clear Day Consulting provides an advanced Relationship Coaching service for people who want to enhance their relationship, develop new skills or improve old ones. Finally we provide a Relationship Psychotherapy service for people who have complex relationship problems complicated by serious mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.

The benefits of Relationship Counselling, Coaching or Psychotherapy

Whether you want relationship counselling, relationship coaching, or relationship psychotherapy you will develop insight and awareness as well as enhance your relationship skills and change the way you think and feel about your relationships. You will reach new levels of closeness, love, intimacy, support and happiness through relationship counselling. Regardless of whether you’re an individual or a couple, you will be able to increase your levels of relationship confidence, security and satisfaction.

Learn new relationship building skills

The skills we teach you will improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. These skills will bring you closer together so you can experience more enjoyment and happiness through your relationship. Relationship counselling is also suitable for people who are single and who want to move into a loving and effective relationship.

Relationship Counselling can help individuals within relationships and or couples in relationship

While the majority of relationship issues are caused by poor communication and conflict resolution skills there are other areas that individuals or couples benefit from learning about.

Communication concerns
Creating love and affection
Managing differences in values
Managing grief and loss
Deciding to stay or leave
Finding the right partner
Building relationship confidence
Building personal confidence and self esteem

What you can expect from Clear Day relationship counselling


Through out the relationship counselling process you will be able to discuss your concerns with a professional caring counsellor in a non-judgemental safe environment. You will be able to talk about issues freely with your counsellor in a way that you are unable to do with friends, colleagues and family.

Our Full Understanding

Effective counselling takes the time to thoroughly understand you, your situation, your needs and concerns before going on to look for solutions. Your counsellor will identify the causes of your problems and any other factors that influence your situation. It is important to take the time to understand the problem so you don’t get caught up in treating symptoms when you should be fixing the causes.

We focus on eliminating causes of your relationship problems

At Clear Day we believe that it saves you time, money and effort to identify the causes of your issues rather than trying to treat the symptoms. This way we can get rid of the problem forever rather than have the problem arise again at a later date.

We always provide you with information, education, insight and support

In many cases clients may have incomplete knowledge of how the mind and body work best. Part of any effective counselling service to you will help you understand the situation by providing you with the relevant information.

We provide you with proven and effective strategies

Because we base our methods on recent scientific research we are able to provide you with strategies that have proven effectiveness. Sometime these strategies are as simple as providing you with information. Sometimes these strategies are directed at effectively changing your behaviours. Sometimes we will do deeper work that changes schema you learned as a child

What to do next

If you believe you or someone you know would benefit from individual counselling please call for an appointment. Or if you would like to ask questions call for a free 10min phone consultation to discuss your concerns with the director of Clear Day Consulting Jim O’Connor. Or simply follow the link Make an Inquiry to ask us any question you may have

We have three convenient offices

Clear Day Consulting has three offices throughout Sydney. We have an office in, Macquarie Street Sydney, servicing the City and CBD, Crows Nest servicing Sydney’s Lower North Shore and also offices in Glebe servicing Sydney’s South and Inner West